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Equine Nutridrench

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About the Product

Superior, nutrient-rich, high energy support.
No Digestion Required – Immediate Nutrient Balance Delivers all vital nutrients to restore the immune system in minutes!

In the high-stress world of race, show, and competition, your horse needs the added benefits of a superior, nutritional supplement that works fast. Here it is. Nutri-Drench is specially formulated for:

  • Horses Off Feed

  • Show Ring Stress

  • Transport Stress

  • Illness

  • Scours

  • Race

  • Show & Competition Horses

  • Energizes weak newborns

  • Stimulates appetite

  • Corrects diarrhea

  • Maximizes antibiotic/vaccine response

  • Balances immune system

  • Quick energy for show

Contains Only Natural Nutritional Ingredients


Transport and change of environment create excitement and stress. Nothing is more important than correcting nutritional balance and getting back on feed fast. Horses off-feed not only suffer weight loss but need energy fast to recover and perform at their best.

Nutri-Drench contains powerful antioxidants that limit cellular damage following extreme exertion. Nutri-Drench also contains ingredients that reduce the oxygen requirement for horses. Therefore, high-performance horses may be used more frequently.

Finally, results you can see! Field tests prove that Nutri-Drench is in the bloodstream in minutes. Ordinary feed and supplements require 10-16 hours for digestion and absorption.

Supplies the right nutrients, in the right balance, at the right time.

Oral Administration:

1 fl. oz. (30 cc) per 100 lbs. body weight.

May be repeated at 12 hour intervals


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