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BoviDr Laboratories, Inc. & Manufacturing

Our roots are based in community. We rely on the concept that shared experiences and a common-sense approach will change the way people think about the use of animal supplements. Our job is simple: If we provide quality products at affordable prices, and the right information you need to try Nutri-Drench® , it will speak for itself.

Look for Nutri-Drench® or Nutri-Drops® at your favorite animal nutrition retailer, or follow us on Facebook where you can share stories and get support through the inevitable challenges we face as ranchers and animal owners. 

  • American Made – Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

  • Two U.S. Patents – Our products are used worldwide.

  • Fast Results – In the bloodstream in minutes.

  • Led by Research – Our products contain only natural ingredients.


It’s easy to promote a product that works. The answer to success is our customers.

We depend on ‘word of mouth’ from satisfied customers who tell their friends.

Our founder, Joel Andrews, was a producer himself. At 23, Joel was managing a 23,000-acre ranch in Scottsbluff, Nebraska with 271 registered Herefords, commercial cattle, turkeys, and 6,000 sheep. Under the direction of well-known veterinarian Milton Green DVM, it was there on his own ranch that they began using the superior nutritional supplement that would revolutionize the industry worldwide.

Joel explains, “The need was simply to increase survival in struggling newborns and get animals on feed fast to avoid further complications, costly treatment, or death.” The solution was fast replacement nutrition with maximum utilization. Our supplement was developed for that goal. By eliminating the need for digestion, vital nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream in minutes.

  • Emergency Care – Our products work as emergency care or as a regular nutritional supplement.

  • NutriDrench & NutriDrops shunt energy, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the bloodstream.

  • 99% Utilization – Increases in blood glucose are measurable in minutes.

Each Nutri-Drench product is precisely formulated for the individual special needs of livestock off feed.


Backed by 20 years of research, field trials, and 2 U.S. patents, Nutri-Drench™ is a liquid supplement precisely formulated for livestock off feed.


Fast response has a big impact on bottom-line profit. Livestock off feed results in costly treatment or death loss. Nothing is more important than getting back on feed fast by correcting nutritional balance.


For emergency care or as a regular nutritional supplement. Nutri-Drench™ contains only natural nutritional ingredients. No withholding. Available in a variety of convenient bottle sizes. No refrigeration required.

Emergency & Maintenance Health

Ketosis, pneumonia, shipping stress, weak newborns, scours, mastitis, grain overload, exposure to extreme weather, vaccine/antibiotic failure, milk fever, disease, pregnancy toxemia, lactation, reproduction all benefit from supplemental nutrition.

Discover BoviDr Labs

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory and products manufacture committed to animal nutrition and health.


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