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Alpaca and Llama Nutridrench

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About the Product

For newborns and all camelids in any stress situation.

Premium liquid supplement contains vitamins A, D and E; minerals, amino acids and glucose for immediate energy support.

  • Energizes weak newborns

  • Stimulates appetite

  • Corrects diarrhea

  • Maximizes antibiotic/vaccine response

  • Balances immune system

  • Quick energy for show

99% retention of critical nutrients during scours. The first and only oral supplement to absorb from the stomach directly into the bloodstream in minutes. Feed directly in mouth.

Get off to a faster, stronger start!

Contains Only Natural Nutritional Ingredients



Rich source of 14 essential vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids lysine and methionine.

Provides rapid energy that does not require digestion, helping to quickly correct low blood glucose levels.

Measurable in the bloodstream within 10 minutes.

50% absorption within 30 minutes. (99% utilization).

  • Backed by 20 years of research and field trials, and two U.S. patents.

  • Safe and non-medicated – no withdrawal required.

  • Superior, nutrient rich, high energy support

  • No Digestion Required – Immediate Nutrient Balance

  • Delivers all vital nutrients to restore the immune system in minutes!

To survive, crias must have strength to stand & nurse quickly. Nutri-Drench energizes weak newborns & promotes aggressive nursing. Nutri-Drench does not interfere with colostrum because it is absorbed to the bloodstream before reaching the intestines.  Administer to all crias for a strong start. 

Energy level is low because the intestinal tract is inflamed & limits nutrients utilized through digestion.

Nutri-Drench does not require digestion. It shunts to the bloodstream before reaching intestines with 99% utilization. 

During disease, in addition to going off feed, temperature increases normal energy needs by 40% – 50%, resulting in ketosis.

Nutri-Drench quickly satisfies increased demands and returns normal nutrient balance. 

Most antibiotic failure or limited response to vaccine is the result of low blood glucose.
Nutri-Drench elevates blood glucose in minutes. Administer approximately 15-20 minutes prior to antibiotic or vaccine.

Any change of environment creates stress which causes an increased need for nutrients.

Nutri-Drench quickly delivers replacement nutrition to return normal balance. 


  • Give Orally

  • Newborns:4 cc at birth

  • Adults:1 fl oz (30 cc) per 100 lbs body weight

  • Maximum of 1 treatment every 8 hrs., as needed


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