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Marie Bradford, Harmony Ridge Farms
Oak Hill, Ohio

We have a farm with total of about 200 acres of which roughly 10 acres are dedicated to Alpaca pastures. We consider ourselves fortunate to have grown from the original three to 52 Alpacas, all Huacayas. ?Primarily what pushed us into use of the Nutri-Drench products was in our second year a couple of females, after they delivered, they experienced more rapid weight loss than what we like to see. We looked for the best possible way to supplement, calories, vitamins and minerals. Nutri-Drench was recommended to us by a farm mentoring us. We were very happy the females gained back the weigh. ?We use ND on females and a few Crias, younger animals that are not gaining or are losing weight. It boosts the blood sugar level and the metabolism as well. Generally within two weeks they have improved to where we can back off and see if they maintain. I canít honestly remember having to use it again; certainly not unless there was something going on that needed medical intervention. We find it to be a super great supportive means to keep the animals healthy.Ē